Orange County Crime Lab Scandal

November, 2013

The recent scandal in Orange County regarding the imprecise calibration of two gas spectrometers (over a period of months) used to analyze the blood alcohol content (BAC) of suspected DUI drivers has shaken the reputation of the Orange County Crime Lab (OCCL).

My office is now receiving amended lab reports through the DA's Office as the Crime Lab reanalyzes all the blood evidence in question. My experience with the Orange County Crime Lab (OCCL) over the years, continues to validate my demand to scrutinize the blood evidence; no matter how high the BAC alleged. That is why I retain a highly respected toxicologist to analyze the blood evidence at an independent lab. We frequently find BAC results lower than initially reported by the OCCL. Also our blood culture reports frequently detect contaminants in the evidence. This means that the blood was drawn, retained, stored or analyzed in a unsterile environment.

My office continues to monitor the situation as it develops. I will utilize any advantage found to provide my clients an excellent resolution to their cases.

Writ of Mandate

March 21, 2013

If the DMV holds against you and suspends the driving privilege, an appeal to a higher power may be in order. The Superior Court of California in Unlimited Jurisdiction has the final word over the DMV. The Judge can even require the DMV reinstate your license

prior to hearing the matter to mitigate injury to your livelihood. Few criminal attorneys have the experience to take your case this far. The Office of the California Attorney General will fight for the DMV. Hire Attorney Godwin for a Writ of Mandate and he will fight for you. When the court rules in our favor the DMV must comply (See Court Order).

          "The [DMV] is ordered to ... restore ... driving license."

Set Aside

May 21, 2013

The hearing officer won't assist you in arguing your defense at a DMV hearing. Don't try to fight the matter on your own. You need an Attorney with experience to protect you (See DMV Set Aside). Attorney Godwin has won many Set Asides for his clients. He attends each DMV hearing personally. Call upon his experience to assist you.